erDogs Photography

I knew my friend Fannie would be a great Model!

We had great fun without any lighting stuffs, just a plain old Canon 60D!

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We did a photo shoot for our little sister, it was our first time using a reflector and we are really happy that the photos turn out quite nicely. The theme was something creepy-ish……

We got the 5 in 1 collapsible circular reflector. You can check it out here

For the price this reflector is really nice. We can’t really say much since we are beginnings ourselves—-we are still exploring, haha. But so far we felt like this reflector is a must have. It’s convenient and just gives better quality to your photos.

This is a Photo Shoot we did for a friend of ours. They make videos for youtube, check them out here  

Their theme is more toward Karate, Video Games, just the fun stuffs!! 

Hope you Enjoy them

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